• Opening systems

    Our streamlined design window systems, combining exceptional technical characteristics, develop into a masterful window program conceived to suit your specific needs.

    Window manufacturers can select features and options for every product line with full confidence in the quality and performance of all our window systems.

    Casement & Awning

    With their unique features, the Casement and Awning ENERGI Series combines modular assembly for maximum rigidity and performance. No compromise on comfort and security was overlooked when ENERGI designed this exceptional high-end series. With sashes opening inside, window cleaning is easy. Its design and architecture confer a great resistance to wind and water.


    The ENERGI Single and Double Hung Window System is specially designed for high quality remodeling and new construction projects. Innovation, experience and conscientiousness reflect the state of mind of our designers when developing this Series. The window can be tilted open at the top to let warm air out and tilted open at the bottom to let cool air in. Cleaning windows is also simplified from inside. This window family features performance, sturdiness and good taste.


    The ENERGI Single and Double Sliding Window System will provide you with the best quality/price ratio. It is ideal for confined spaces. With its high quality hardware, sashes slide effortlessly. The slim line profiles will let you enjoy maximum light and viewing.

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