• Dark Cap Stock

    Composite Color Solutions in Dark Cap Stock

    ENERGI Composite Color Solutions relies on a proprietary co-extruded material that provides a hard, damage resistant and low heat-gain color surface that remains stable when exposed to ultra-violet light and other environmental exposure.

    • Highly resistant to surface damage
    • Low heat-gain values even with dark colors
    • No profile distortion
    • No possibility of adhesion failure
    • On-line color solutions for improved manufacturing efficiencies


    • Co-extruded proprietary material
    • On-line application process
    • Applied at 0.006” to 0.008”
    • Including dark colors currently as low as L39 (bronze)

    ENERGI Composite Color Solutions


    All new platforms and window systems will be considered for our ENERGI Composite Color Solution Technology, dependent upon identification of the window system, choice of color, required tools and anticipated order volume in the context of new market development.

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