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    GreenON Program Extended To End Of October

    Ontario's incoming premier Doug Ford, who earlier this week canceled the Green Ontario (GreenON) window rebate program, announced on June 21st that he will extend it until the end of October to allow customers who recently purchased windows to have their orders filled.

    “We’re going to fulfill those commitments,” Ford said at a press conference. “No one’s going to lose any money. We’re going to move that to the end of October to make sure no one loses anything.”

    The rebate program was canceled this week as the Progressive Conservative party prepares to take power in Ontario. Ford has pulled the province out of a cap-and-trade market that funded the GreenON program. On Thursday, Ford said the rebate program had spent its annual budget from the tax in just two months.

    Originally, homeowners were going to be able to get cash back for upgrades if they submitted a rebate application by September 30, 2018 for work that’s contracted to be completed by August 31, 2018. Now, they’ll have until November 30 to submit rebate applications for work to be finished by October 31.

    Source: Door & Window Market Magazine