• ENERGI has been sold to Vision Group

    ENERGI has been sold to Vision Group

    To all valued Employees,

    I would like to announce to all our valued Employees that effective May 17, 2021 the Vision Group of Companies has completed the acquisition of Energi Fenestration Solutions. This is an important and exciting day for both of our organizations and one that will position us for greater growth as well as ensure that we remain a highly competitive global company for years to come.

    Together we will protect and build our customer relationships by consistently delivering the outstanding service and quality products expected from us.

    The integration will be complete within the coming months and we will be able to maximize our manufacturing, purchasing, and human resources.

    This acquisition will be a positive venture for our Employees as well as our customers and suppliers.

    Your continued support and dedication are recognized and valued.

    Vic De Zen


    What is happening?
    Today we announce that the acquisition of Energi Fenestration Solutions is complete, and we can now move forward as one combined company.
    The acquisition will ensure we are competitive, technically advanced, and financially secure over the long term.
    As one combined company, our employees are part of a larger successful organization that is well positioned to serve customers and our stakeholders.
    Who is VISION Group?
    The VISION Group is a customer focused, technology driven group of companies focused on the building products industry. Our founder has spent over 50 years in the manufacturing sector and is a recognized leader in the building products industry. VISION Group’s products include an array of applications including: columns, fencing, railing, patio doors, steel doors, basement windows, custom profiles, and transportation.
    Why is it happening?
    This acquisition creates a stronger, more stable business with an effective strategy to provide premium service and advance products to its customer base.
    How will I be affected?
    This is exciting news for all of us and an incredible step forward.
    We expect that many of our employees will benefit from the available increased opportunities as part of a larger company.
    Of course, as in any transaction of this type, there will be some overlap in corporate and geographic functions, and as such the elimination of certain jobs. We expect clarity on job status questions within the next 90 days.
    We will do our best to keep everyone informed and will provide answers to submitted questions in addition to frequent updates on how the integration is proceeding.
    What do you need from me?
    The success of our integration effort will be driven by how effectively Employees can work as one team with a strong commitment to serve customers and deliver results.
    Be adaptable; change is inevitable, adapting quickly is crucial to success.
    Work safely.
    Stay focused on your job.
    “All as One” - Work together as one team. Listen and learn from each other.
    Be empathetic; treat others with fairness and respect.
    Continue to keep a positive attitude; be eager to contribute.
    What is next?
    We plan to integrate Energi Fenestration Solutions as quickly as possible with minimum disruptions to the business.
    We are taking steps to finalize the corporate organizational structure and expect that to be completed over the next 90 days.
    Senior Management Team of the ZZEN Group and Vision Extrusions will be visiting/communicating with each operation over the next few days/weeks to engage with employees regarding what this transaction means and what you can expect going forward.
    Where can I get more information?
    Additional ways to obtain information:
    Company website
    Ask your Manager.
    Email questions to hrinfo@vexgroup.com

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