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    A clear success for Fenestra Advantage 2018

    ENERGI is proud to have participated in the first edition of Fenestra Advantage, held in Toronto from February 7-9, 2018.

    The event at the Westin Hotel brought together members of the Fenestra purchasing cooperative, represented by the country’s best independent window and door manufacturers and suppliers. On the program were a training session, conference, a visit to ENERGI’s Woodbridge factory, and professional speed-dating sessions with the cooperative’s supplier partners.

    By participating in Fenestra Advantage, ENERGI was able to take advantage of this unique opportunity to network with other owner members of the cooperative and exchange views with them on the industry’s opportunities and concerns. 

    Encouraged by this success, Fenestra Avantage will surely be back again next year.  

    View the full report of Fenestra Advantage 2018.

    What is the Fenestra purchasing cooperative?
    The Fenestra purchasing cooperative is a cooperative buyers’ group of independent window and door manufacturers in Canada.

    The Coop unites independent window and door manufacturers and suppliers in order to improve combined purchasing, optimize supply chain efficiencies and reduce input costs.