• Testimonials

    We invest all our ENERGI into customer success.

    ENERGI provides support at all levels: conception, engineering, production, marketing and sales. Here are some comments received from our customers.

    “The relationship started in 1981 and we have been through four name changes, but as I reflect back on our history and speak with some of our Centennial family from the early days and look at where both companies are today, one constant comes to the surface, and that is the culture created by the quality of the employees.

    Centennial is a just-in-time manufacturer and installer; the products that we are building today are being installed in retail customer homes tomorrow. I can tell you without a doubt that all our contacts at ENERGI know our business model and recognize that without their support it would not be possible.

    To the Management and Staff at ENERGI, thank you for your support over the years and today. You are a Great Partner!”

    George Warren President Centennial Windows and Doors London, ON, Canada

    “We have been exclusive partners with ENERGI / Royal Building Products since we started manufacturing vinyl windows in 1998. ENERGI has been our finest supplier bar none for many years. Right from their first-class sales and engineering team up to their production quality control and delivery team, they are second to none and we are very fortunate to have them as our exclusive vinyl supplier. We truly know that our prosperity depends on the efforts of our vendors and ENERGI fits the bill perfectly for Regency Plus Incorporated.”

    Gary Fanelli President Regency Plus Mt Carmel, PA, United States

    “ENERGI is not just a supplier; they are our partner sharing in our success for over 15 years. We have co-designed some of the most innovative products in the industry thanks to their knowledge, experience and willingness to try what has not yet been done. Their execution on quality and delivery is second to none and ENERGI’s responsiveness and ability to problem solve ensures they maintain those high standards.”

    Greg Dickie President Atlantic Windows Port Elgin, NB, Canada

    “We've been partners with ENERGI for more than 25 years. We really feel that the ENERGI team strives to contribute their best to make us successful. To remain leaders in our field is a daily challenge. ENERGI provides us with support at all levels: conception, engineering, production, marketing and sales. They are a significant contributor to our success.”

    Dennis Foran General Manager Dashwood Industries Centralia, ON, Canada

    “ENERGI has been a true valued supplier and partner for a number of years. I can say that they have been true to their word in ensuring our product offerings are up to date and in line with new and emerging market trends. Overall, we are very pleased to have ENERGI as our business partner.”

    Frank Greco President  Ostaco Concord, ON, Canada